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I hope that you will find these pages to be interesting, informative and entertaining. Here you will find full information about the two books that I have written. If they give you as much pleasure to read as I got from writing them, then I will be very satisfied. They have very different story lines and have different styles too, in orderto adequately cover the subject matter. Apart from my own satisfaction in bringing these two books to print, and telling two good tales, it is ultimately you, the reader, who will be the final judge.

NEW! The Reluctant Hotelkeeper

John Searancke came to the role of hotelkeeper almost accidentally, and most definitely with much reluctance. After his parents’ marriage fell apart, he was dragooned in, at the age of 22, to pick up the pieces of their new venture, a barely-trading country house hotel that had, frankly, seen better days. Not only was it posting an annual loss, but the fabric of the building was crumbling and there was no money left to make improvements.

There were to be battles royal with neighbours not wanting their status quo to be altered, and with the local fire authority who sought to impose draconian new safety measures.

Over the years, and with the steepest of learning curves, the grand old building was renovated and transformed to meet the requirements of the modern discerning traveller. Accolades for the hotel and its restaurant were won; together they became a well-regarded destination for a number of celebrities – and those that deemed themselves to be celebrities but were not. Stories abound featuring idiosyncratic guests, overbearing public bodies, fractured family life and animals of all shapes and sizes. The local fire station next door was demolished one foggy night, people were frightened by flying dogs and snakes in the long grass, and there were, as befits a country house, strange goings on in the night. Many were the guests who checked in who really should not have been seen together.

A rescue mission originally thought of as lasting for a year or two turned into a 35 year lifetime love affair with a beautiful old building. This is a tribute to all the people behind the scenes who helped to make the hard-won transformation into a great success.

The Reluctant Hotelkeeper

Prunes for Breakfast

One Mans War: Based on a True Story.

For my second book “Prunes For Breakfast”, which is based in World War 2, there is a synopsis of the contents and a small picture gallery of relevant photographs or paintings.

Prunes for Breakfast

Dog Days in The Fortunate Islands

A new life in hidden Tenerife.

There is a Press Release for my first book, “Dog Days in The Fortunate Islands”, a synopsis of the contents, and a picture gallery of relevant photographs of people or places named in the book. There is a selection of reviews that the book has received.

If you have enjoyed my books, please tell me, and please tell all of your friends! I welcome your contact through the form on this site. Writing can be a solitary experience, so your emails will be most welcome.

Dog Days in The Fortunate Islands
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